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West Bengal Act XXXIX of 2006

PART III - Acts of the West Bengal Legislature.
Government of West Bengal
Law Department
Notification No. 957-L.
29th May, 2008.

The following Act of the West Bengal Legislature, having been assented to by the President of India, is hereby published for general information:-

West Bengal Act XXXIX of 2006
The West Bengal Municipal Corporation Act, 2006.

Sl. No. Particulars Pages
1. Contents 1-14
2. Part I, Chapter I, Preliminary 15-25
3. Part II, Corporation Area, Chapter II, Constitution of Corporation Area 26-27
4. Chapter III, Municipal Authorities 27-38
5. Chapter IV, Officers and other employees of Corporation 39-44
6. Chapter V, Conduct of business 44-46
7. Chapter VI, Control 46-47
8. Part III, Finance, Chapter VII, Municipal Fund, Budget, Loans, Accounts and Audit 47-55
9. Part IV, Chapter VIII, Powers and functions of Corporation 55-60
10. Part V, Chapter IX, Municipal Taxation 61-76
11. Chapter X, Payment and recovery of tax 77-82
12. Part VI, Civic Services, Chapter XI, Water-supply and drainage 83-99
13. Chapter XII, Streets and public places 100-103
14. Chapter XIII, Fire prevention and fire safety 103
15. Part VII, Chapter XIV, Buildings 103-116
16. Chapter XV, Bustee 117
17. Part VIII, Chapter XVI, Solid waste 117-118
18. Chapter XVII, Environmental precautions 118-119
19. Chapter XVIII, Market and slaughterhouse 119-121
20. Chapter XIX, Restraint of infection 122
21. Chapter XX, Registration of births and deaths and disposal of the dead 122-124
22. Chapter XXI, Preparation of Draft Development Plan 124-126
23. Chapter XXII, Corporation in hill areas 126-131
24. Chapter XXIII, Rules and regulations 132-133
25. Chapter XXIV, Delegation, co-ordination and control 133-136
26. Chapter XXV, Miscellaneous provisions 137-142
27. Schedule - I: Parts of plant or of combination of plant and machinery not to be excluded in determining the annual value of a holding comprising land and building 143-144
28. Schedule - II: Professions, trades and callings 144-145
29. Schedule - III: Rate of tax on advertisement 145-148
30. Schedule - IV: Purposes for which premises may not be used without licence 148-152
31. Schedule - V: Penalties 153-156
Municipal Act
West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993 KMC Act, 1980 Howrah Municipal Corporation Act, 1980 WB Municipal Elections Act, 1994 West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978 WB Municipal Corporation Bill, 2006WB Act XXXIX of 2006, The WB Municipal Corporation Act, 2006
The West Bengal Municipal Corporation Act, 2006
Enforcement of the West Bengal Municipal Corporation (Second Amendment) Act, 2018
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